MrWaiter App for remote order management in restaurants

The APP for Digital Restaurant Menu that DIGITALIZE STREAMLINES your customer service

What is Mr.Waiter?

All your customer service in the palm of your hand!

App Mr. Waiter

Mr.Waiter is a digital restaurant menu management APP where your customers may order directly from the table and access their account without delays.

Thanks to this new tool you will be able to quickly, safely and efficiently manage your restaurant business, thus significantly optimizing time and costs.
With Mr. Waiter, the client can read your menu through a QR code, which will take them to it directly (the client does not need to have an app installed), where they swiftly can add any dish to the order. Instantly, the waiter or the kitchen receives a notification on their smartphone.

You as a manager will be informed of all the orders received on your Smartphone at the same time that your waiter receive them, you will be able to manage the menu interactively and see the bills that are paid.

escanea el QR, visualiza la carta y realiza el pago

Stop thinking like a waiter to think like a business person!

How Mr.Waiter works?

Our APP will allow you to manage from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone EVERYTHING that your reastuarant business may offer, streamlining the order, service and payment processes so that you can focus on offering your customers a pleasant experience.

añadir platos en la app


Add infinite dishes in the app and associate them with their corresponding menus

Crear cartas y menus en la app


Create all the menus you need, even in several languages.

Crear categorías en la App


Generate all the different categories you need (drinks, starters, meat, fish, desserts …)

Eliminar platos de la carta

Activate / Desactivate / Delete

Activate, deactivate or delete dishes or menus depending on their availability or time of the da.

crear ficha de alérgenos en la carta


Create the different allergens and associate them with their corresponding dishes

fotos de los platos


Photograph your own dishes directly from your smartphone to illustrate your menu and sell through the eyes.

Different Sales Channels

Open your business to Delivery and Take Away

Our App converts your letters and menus into online stores, allowing the customer to place the order while at your premises or remotely from home, which allows you to streamline the entire process and increase your attention span.

Mr.Waiter incorporates integration with Stripe’s card payment system.

With Mr.Waiter you will always charge in advance for orders made from outside your premises, avoiding the possibility of uncollected orders, which is a great advantage and security for your business.



The customer places the order from the table of your establishment directly from his device, paying at the end of the visit.

Take Away

Share any of your menus on social networks, flyers or cards with QR codes so that your customer can order, pay for it and collect it at your store.


Share your menus on social networks, flyers or cards with QR codes for your customer to place their order, pay it and send it to them.
Opciones de servicio Mr.Waiter

Payment methods offered by the App

Mr.Waiter allows the customer to pay the bill in a simple way, directly from their Smartphone without having to call the waiter or stand up to pay, this speeds up the process significantly for both parties.

We offer 3 payment methods:




Advantages Mr.Waiter

Ventajas app Mr.Waiter

Always fast and efficient.

Mr.Waiter is the definitive app for hospitality businesses that allows you to create an online store quickly, easily and without prior knowledge, just with your Smartphone, offering a unique experience to your customers, using their own device and avoiding unnecessary contacts.

Sell through the eyes, you can illustrate all your dishes with the real photographs of the product.

Increase customer churn

Increase the average Ticket

Streamline your processes

Projects modernity

Avoid uncollected orders

Manage your restaurant business from wherever you want in real time

Put your waiters to work on what is really important, the satisfactory experience of the customers in your restaurant.

HACCP Hygiene Records

Efficiency for the Health Control Plan of your business.

Mr.Waiter will help you to manage in a simple and effective way the data records required in your Sanitary Control Plan (PCS) or Hygiene Package marked by European regulations in order to maintain food sanitary safety. This is a mandatory process for all establishments that own, manufacture and sell food.

Our platform is a traceable system and for registration, that has an area that facilitates the pertinent daily control so that, in case of being required by a health inspector, you can send the documentation of the month you choose via e-mail in PDF format.

You can keep track of the following records:

Water Control Register

Record of cleaning of kitchens and common areas

Record of receipt of raw materials

Temperature control record of cold rooms and freezers

Oil change log

Record of preparation of dishes

HACCP hygiene records app

Rates Mr.Waiter


$ 0€

  • 1 Digital QR Menu
  • Menu self-management
  • Live Update
  • Allergen Icons
  • Photos of your products


$ 3,95€

  • 1 Digital QR Menu
  • Restaurant logo
  • Menu self-management
  • Live Update
  • Allergen Icons
  • Photos of your products


$ 14,95€

Month per Restaurant
  • Restaurant logo
  • 2 Digital QR menus
  • 1 Digital Daily Menu
  • Menu self-management
  • Live update
  • Allergen icons
  • Photographs of your products
  • Digital ordering
  • Internal order management
  • Online card payments (tips) (1,4% + 0,25€ per transaction)
  • Counter POS
  • Advanced printing


$ 39,95€

Month per Restaurant
  • Restaurant logo
  • Multiple menus and daily menus
  • Self-management of the menu
  • Live update
  • Allergen icons
  • Photographs of your products
  • Remote ordering from the table
  • Take Away
  • Delivery
  • Online card payments (tips) (1,4% + 0,25€ per transaction)
  • Digital ordering
  • Internal order management
  • Advanced printing
  • Counter POS